Rethinking Fundraising

Fundraising Solutions for Nonprofits & Organizations

Changing the way you handle fundraising.

New Technology

Combining your email campaigns with new fundraising technologies to get results. No events, no volunteers and little to no staff resources.

Brand/Product Partners

We partner with exceptional brands to offer key products and services with shared revenue to your organization with no upfront costs.

Helping You Achieve Success

Making it easy with our help. Turnkey fundraising solutions.

CakeRazer allows you to focus on doing the good work that your charity or nonprofit does and the unique expertise that it requires, while our systems help you raise money. We combine affinity with brand partnerships that lets your organization offer brand products to your members with revenue sharing to you. No events to plan, no volunteers to recruit and little to no staff resources required. Our technology handles everything for you.

Fundraising product sale portal included

Shared revenue back to your organization

Ambassador pages for members to expand the social reach

Blog, graphic and video content auto-posts to social media

Some of our brand partners

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No Startup Costs

With CakeRazer there are no up front expenses. We help make your current email list effective.

Affinity Fundraising

Your portal allows donors to either purchase products or donate and you get funding.

Member Participation

Our platform turns your members and donors into ambassadors all year long.

Social Media Reach

We extend the reach of your nonprofit across social media all year long, raising more money.

Fundraising Campaigns

We work with organizations with 5,000 to millions of member email addresses. Our fundraising campaign solutions range from single email campaigns to fully integrated content, email, social media and ambassador programs that continue year round. Here are a few examples of campaigns that can be designed with CakeRazer.

We never get access to your member email list, those remain yours and private. You use the email marketing platform you have always used and we help you build your list further, get donations and product sale revenue with a unique solution.

Single Email Campaign

A one-time email campaign that points members to your CakeRazer fundraising page. Learn More

Quarterly Email Campaign

A quarterly email campaign that points members to your CakeRazer fundraising page. Learn More

Integrated Email / Content

We help you develop the email campaign message, graphics and content. Learn More

Email and Social Ambassadors

We build an ambassador system that works with your fundraising email and CakeRazer page. Learn More

Email, Social Ambassadors & Content

We create ongoing blog, graphic and video content that ambassadors automatically share to their social accounts and promote your organization and fundraising program through CakeRazer. Learn More

Launching Soon

The CakeRazer fundraising platform will be launching very soon. To receive information about the platform, newsletters and advanced notice of our launch, sign up for our email newsletter and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Moving forward, we will be consistently providing you with content about nonprofit, charity and organization fundraising through our blog and social sites. Connect with us on social media and together let’s make an impact by raising the funds you need to change your world.

Solve Your Fundraising Challenges.

We start everything with a conversation about your organization, its mission and the challenges that you are facing. From there we work with you to build a fundraising solution through CakeRazer that meets the needs of your charity, your board and your members. Schedule a call with our team to start discussing your fundraising program today!

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