Your Support Is Needed

Can We Count On You?

There are thousands of people around the world that need clean, fresh drinking water. We need your help so that we can do just that.

We’ve teamed up with some top brands and CakeRazer for an amazing fundraising program. Grab one of these amazing products you may be already buying and help support Giving Water bring fresh water to needy people around the globe. Pick one!


We’ve teamed up with CakeRazer to effectively run our fundraising program. The CakeRazer system allow us to be more efficient with our campaigns and save time, money and human resources. We pay a small percentage of profits and proceeds and have no other costs or expenses to run the program and they bring their product partners together with special pricing for us, so you don’t pay more and still help us do our important work.

Other Ways To Help

There are three additional ways you can help support Giving Water.

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