Fundraising Solutions

How CakeRazer Works

CakeRazer makes fundraising for your nonprofit or charity easy and effective

Fundraising Solutions

CakeRazer has built an innovative platform that combines brand partnerships with technology to make fundraising easy for your organization. Our solution integrates fundraising pages (your CakeRazer page) which contain a handful of products or services offered to your members at the same prices they are used to, but with a percentage of the proceeds going back to your organization.

What’s more, we help you turn your members, supporters and donors into ambassadors that expand your reach into social media with articles, graphics and video content that makes your fundraising effectiveness continue year round.

How CakeRazer Works

CakeRazer works with nonprofits, charities and organizations that have a minimum  of at least 5,000 active email subscribers. Our solution combine technology, brand partners and social ambassadors that maximize the effectiveness of your fundraising program to create a year round program. Following is a brief outline of our solution.

The Details:

The CakeRazer Basics

Your CakeRazer fundraising program begins utilizing your existing email list and email platform. Your list remains yours and you use it to notify your supporters of the new campaign. We help you with email announcement content, graphics and links to your CakeRazer page, which includes 4-8 product options for members to purchase PLUS a “donation” option. Supporters can make their selections and our systems handle everything from there. From purchase, checkout and delivery of their ordered items through our brand partners. You get funding from every purchase and/or donation made.

Making It Better

Our nonprofit fundraising solution also allows your supporters and members to become ambassadors who automatically share your content to their social profiles each week to help expand the reach of your organization and make your fundraising program extend year round. You’ll be able to send multiple emails to your email list throughout the year and you now have an ongoing fundraising program!

Telling Your Story

We top off everything for your program with ambassadors pages. These pages are customized for each ambassador, including their picture, social accounts and messaging. Our expert content team even create blogs, social sharing graphics and video content for you on a monthly basis, so there’s always high quality content being shared about your organization and the fundraising program year round on social media. Ambassadors can promote their page to their friends on social media, expanding the reach of your your content, the links to your CakeRazer fundraising page, email list sign up and more, all automatically each time new content is added to the system.

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